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Gamification: The Best Tool to Captivate Millennials

Millennials are proven to be the hardest generation of talent to retain at work. Until the arrival of gamification. Millennials are known for being autonomous, restless and keen on independence. They are constantly looking for new experiences, even at work. For this generation, working is not just an obligation, nor it is only about money. […]

Salesforce Users Get Better Results with Hurrah! Leaderboards

The day that many have been hoping for is finally here, we’ve integrated Hurrah! Leaderboards with the most popular CRM on the market, Salesforce. The number of data sources that our product integrates with has grown over time, starting out with Dynamics CRM, leading to multiple data source integrations with several contact center systems, and […]

Announcing Hurrah! Leaderboards Enterprise Edition with Multiple Datasource Integration

Hurrah! has a new feature, this time, multiple datasource integration! It’s been a busy first half for our Customer Success representatives! Who are in charge of signing new companies up every month. They thoroughly guide every new client through our innovative real-time leaderboards and enterprise gamification processes. Whether it was the Sales or Customer Service […]

How Gamification is Revitalizing the Sports Industry

These days, it is not unusual to hear of companies using fantasy sports teams as part of their Sales Gamification Strategy. Dividing a sales force up into ‘teams’ improves sales team performance and improves sales pipeline quality through better CRM use. But a new trend observed by CRM Gamified finds that the Sports Industry is […]

Using Gamification to Improve CRM Engagement

Encouraging employees to adopt new technology within any organization can be challenging. As a result, companies invest a significant amount of time and money in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system since they can set it up specifically to meet their requirements. That is to say, CRM is a key sales tool for tracking potential […]

Dopamine: How Gamification helps make us healthier

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. It is a chemical messenger originated from a nervous termination that interacts with a specific receptor to produce different physiological responses. As a result, it helps in the transmission of signals in the brain and other vital areas. Dopamine is found in humans as well as animals, including both vertebrates and […]

Top 7 Reasons For Choosing Hurrah! Sales Leaderboards

When faced with the decision to buy a modern leaderboard to solve problems like CRM adoption and engagement, you may wonder, what has driven companies to choose Hurrah! Leaderboards for their organization? Here are the top 7 reasons why you should choose Hurrah! for your company: 1. Increase Achievement Recognition Team members’ achievements need to […]

From CRM systems to CRM playgrounds by The Octalysis Group

The Client Relationship Management (CRM) industry has been one of the first to embrace Gamification and one of the first to become somewhat disillusioned by it. While many Gamification cases delivered great short term results (high initial  user interest, sign-up and participation rates), they still failed to achieve the long term user engagement desired. Why […]

Hurrah! and how it can work for you

Hi everyone! Do you recall my telling you about Hurrah!? Well if you weren’t paying attention before you should definitely pay attention now, because today I will share with you some common problems that Hurrah! can help solve. Common problems among Sales Managers and VPs: Reaching sales goals Accelerating sales cycles and closing more deals […]