NewsFlash! Hurrah!’s Newest Feature

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Ever find yourself needing to get your team’s attention right now?

Records have been broken, prizes won, there are cookies in the break-room—now your most important updates will never get lost in the depths of inboxes or group chats again. Here is NewsFlash, Hurrah!’s newest feature.

Interrupt your regularly scheduled programming any time with NewsFlash on your Hurrah! Channel.

Instantly send your messages, images, and videos directly to your Hurrah! TVs. NewsFlash will interrupt your running slideshows for as long as you’d like and then disappear, allowing channels to resume their regular sequences.

hurrah! news

While you’re here we’ll take the opportunity to let you know that Big Events now have a fun new look. But don’t worry, your favorite feature hasn’t forgotten you, it’s just going through its edgy phase.

hurrah! news

If you have no idea what this is all about, but you’d like to, give us a shout. We’ll be happy to introduce you to Hurrah! Leaderboards, the gamification platform to get your sales and service team motivated every day!