Essential KPIs for Staffing & Recruiting [Infographic]

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Recruiting Metrics [Infographic]



Essential Staffing & Recruiting KPIs

1. Productivity Metrics

Productivity metrics measure key daily activities by recruited or team. These KPIs are useful in order to track how individuals or teams are performing in executing daily tasks. Some such staffing and recruiting activity-based metrics include:

  • Interviews (weekly)
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Candidates Qualified
  • Open v. Filled Positions

2. Recruiting Channels

Monitoring candidate source data can help identify the best channels for finding qualified job candidates.

Tip: Don’t only pay attention to the volume of candidates coming in through each channel. Instead, use total candidate submission and number of conversions to better understand the quality of each source. For instance, conversions can be defined according to focus, whether you want to focus on the number of candidates that are qualified and interviewed, or only those that end up receiving a job offer. In addition, using a scoring method like Effectiveness Score, can help you understand what your best recruiting sources are.

  • Volume: Candidate CV. Submissions by Channel
  • Conversions: Conversions (hires or interviews) by Channel
  • Effectiveness Score: # conversions by channel / avg. # conversion per channel

3. Efficiency Metrics

Efficiency KPIs are useful indicators of the time and effort involved in important processes. They can be especially helpful to monitor stages that tend to delay hires.

  • Time to Fill: Date search start – Date position filled
  • Time to Hire: Date offer made – Date candidate enters ATS
  • Submissions per Hire: # Submissions  / # Placements
  • Offer Acceptance Ratio: total offers / total placements

4. Quality Metrics

Your recruiting KPIs don’t end when a hire is made. In fact, quality metrics are valuable to monitor placement success. While quality metrics often require some leg work to gather information, they are, nevertheless, important for new clients as well as returning ones. For example, reaching out to check in on a hire 2-3 months after the fact shows clients and candidates that you are invested in their success. Furthermore, it is worth the extra effort to collect some valuable data as well.

Net Promoter Score can be calculated with a simple satisfaction survey with a 1-10 rating. Scores 1-6 are Detractors, 7-8 are Neutral, and 9-10 are Promoters.

  • Client Satisfaction Score: % Promoter Clients – % Detractor Clients
  • Candidate Satisfaction Score: % Promoter Candidates – % Detractor Candidates

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