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Sports Teams- Climb in the rankings with Hurrah! WEBINAR

Hi everyone! Who would know more about the importance of gameplay than those in the big sports leagues like the NBA, MLB and NFL?  Professional sports organizations, such as the Miami Dolphins, among others, have put their trust in CRMGamified® and have successfully implemented Hurrah!® to motivate their commercial teams and increase ticket sales.   […]


Hurrah! and how it can work for you

Hi everyone! Do you recall my telling you about Hurrah!? Well if you weren’t paying attention before you should definitely pay attention now, because today I will share with you some common problems that Hurrah! can help solve. Common problems among Sales Managers and VPs: Reaching sales goals Accelerating sales cycles and closing more deals […]


Introducing Hurrah! Leaderboard® to the audience!

Hello everyone! As I’ve stated in previous posts, we here at CRMGamified are always looking for new ways to keep you updated on Gamification and CRM Adoption.  We were delighted to have an opportunity to meet keynote speaker and curriculum designer, Monica Cornetti, rated as the #1 Gamification Guru in the World by UK-Based Leaderboarded, […]


We are home again!

We are home again! The CRMUG Summit was held a few days ago in St. Louis and what a memorable experience it was for the CRMGamified team! Apart from the rich experience of taking part in such a premier networking event and the opportunity to share knowledge with hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM users, we […]


CRMGamified at CRMUG Summit 2014! Live!

Hi Everybody! Just wanted to write a quick post to keep you updated! Remember we told you we were going to St. Louis, MO?  Well here we are at CRMUG Summit 2014! The ultimate learning and networking event for the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM community! And we are having such an exciting week! Booth #1529 has been […]

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7 Facts about Employees Engagement

It is well known that employees today feel disengaged with their work; they want to be motivated and stay that way! They need continuous feedback and recognition and unfortunately the companies they work for are doing little or nothing about it. Employees are likely to say “Yes” to engagement platforms and even more likely if […]